Endermologie Services

All Endermologie Sessions Require $40 Body Suit

Endermologie is effective for both men and women. Give it a try if you have stubborn fat pockets or areas that do not slim through diet and exercise. You will see results from the very first session – softer, smoother skin and less congested treated areas. Generally, you will see enhanced results starting with your sixth session – a more toned figure and less orange-like dimples on your skin.

Cryo Facial $150

The CryoFacial uses an unique cooling system that allows for an effective and safe application of cold to the face. It is designed to provide you with a gentle, deep cleansing experience while reducing swelling, redness, and irritation and providing glowing skin afterwards.

Endermologie Session $120

Repetition is the path to mastery. Each session brings you closer to your goals. Multiple sessions will give you that age-defying look and results such as cellulite smoothing, skin toning, fluid mobilization and deep, localized fat tissue treatment.

11 Endermologie Sessions $1100

Best Value
Best value. For those that choose endermologie and well being as their lifestyle, we have the deepest discounts to welcome them into our family. Limited time offer.

Esthetics & Body Wraps

A wide variety of facials such as European, Hydra Facials, custom services and the best Russian wraps straight from Moscow.

360 Glow Up 45 min

Ice cold bandage wrap, helps with tightening skin and cellulite reduction.

Performance Wrap 50-60 min

Works for detox, fat burner, cellulite reduction

Russian Doll 50-60 min

Hot bandages - works great for tightening skin, as a fat burner & cellulite reduction!

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Learning more about cellulite will help you figure out what’s effective against it and what not.
Also called orange peel or cottage cheese skin, cellulite is the accumulation of fat tissue or fluids under the skin. Cellulite affects the overwhelming majority of post-adolescent women plus about 10% of men and has been subject to numerous medical and scientific studies, using the following names: adiposis edematosa, dermopanniculosis deformans, gynoid lipodystrophy, and status protrusus cutis. Cellulite can be caused by your diet (even a fad diet), poor circulation, slowing metabolism, stress, your BMI (total body fat), lack of exercising, your particular lifestyle and even your genes. As you can see, there are many things that can cause cellulite and it’s going to take some work to pinpoint which of them are affecting you.