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Endermologie Benefits

Cellulite Reduction.

Look Better. Younger.

Glowing Skin.

Relax & Feel Energized

The Secret To European Beauty

About Endermologie

The science behind endermologie starts with a little cell called adipocyte which is the main culprit that causes cellulite and the accumulation of fat tissue. Also known as fat cells or lipocytes, they make up most of the adipose tissue and specialize storing fat as a source of energy. Simply put, they contain large globules of fat (lipids) and fluid that can cause visible swelling of abdomen, hips and thighs.

About 80-90% of women are affected by cellulite at one point or another of their life, so, it is likely that you and I have it too. The good news is that now you can finally do something about the ugly fat tissue that makes it up.
Because dieting or exercise often come at the expense of your beautiful curves, endermologie targets stubborn, problem areas in particular. Lpg or lipo-massage stimulates the natural release of fat (up to 70% according to some sources)White adipose tissue, light micrograph and 3D illustration, hematoxilin and eosin staining, magnification 100x. Fat cells (adipocytes) have large lipid droplet which remains unstained

Is Endermologie Safe?

Endermologie is safe for almost anyone. We don’t allow pregnant women to get treated. Other contraindications are cancer, infections, inflammatory diseases, skin rashes, cardiac issues and people taking blood thinners. We recommend anyone with pre-existing medical conditions or any person that takes prescription medicine to ask for their doctor’s advice prior to booking an lipo-massage appointment.

Will Endermologie Work For Me?

We prefer not to make wild claims. Endermologie is a treatment developed by LPG based on 128 scientific studies validated by COSIRE (International Scientific Committee of Research) that spanned over 26 years. While each person will probably experience different results, these studies have found “an average fat release increase of +70% and as much as +100% in hyper-responsive subjects”.
Endermologie scientific studies

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